If you’re not familiar with the phrase “partnership development,” you may have heard of the concept by another name, such as the phrase “support raising” or perhaps “developing a support network” or something along those lines. For missionaries, it means gathering a group of people who want to partner with the missionary in their work, through prayers, encouragement, or finances. And even if you grew up as a missionary kid, like me, it’s still a process that feels uncomfortable and awkward at times. Continue reading

Memorial Day musings

This past Mmemorial_day_image_for_pconday, those in the U.S. celebrated Memorial Day, a holiday honoring people in the U.S. military who have given their lives on behalf of their country. I didn’t grow up in the U.S., so it’s not a holiday I grew up with, nor is it the country I grew up thinking of as ‘home’. However, I’ve now been living in the U.S. for many years, and have come to value, appreciate and love a lot about this country. Also, my grandfather served in the U.S. military in World War 2, and I respect and honor what he did. I have never had to make the sort of difficult choices and face death on a regular basis as many in the military do.

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