God just wants you to be happy

We live in an age of plurality – an age when there are many options around us, many ways of doing things or of viewing the world. That’s not inherently bad, but if it leads us away from the truths of the Bible, then we’ve got a problem. We can’t agree with total relativism, saying that anything goes and that’s “your truth” but not “my truth,” as I heard recently. Continue reading


Hey, I’m almost on time – only a little over two weeks since I last posted. I’m counting that a victory, if you must know! In my dissertation – that thing that seems to be consuming my life – I’m exploring several biblical passages addressing unity among God’s people. Our unity is found in Christ, through the Spirit, and it’s a unity that we are called to maintain. So what do we do when people hurt us, in various ways? How do we show Christian love and forgiveness toward the offender, so that we can maintain our unity? Continue reading

Resolutions for 2015

I know that in the U.S. it’s popular or common to make New Year’s resolutions. I didn’t grow up with that tradition, so I don’t usually make resolutions on January 1st. There’s another reason not to make many at present: 1500799_10151931816443429_1203986815_o

You may think this comic is a joke…it’s not, not by much. However, while finishing my degree is the immediate concern, there are some goals I have for this year: Continue reading

Christmas Everywhere

Plans are great…it’s just that they don’t always work out. I’d planned to write a Christmas post, then ran across this and decided to share it instead. It’s by Phillips Brooks, Abraham Lincoln’s pastor and author of “O Little Town of Bethlehem”.  Wherever you are as you read this – Merry Christmas!


Everywhere, everywhere, Christmas tonight!
Christmas in lands of the fir tree and pine,
Christmas in lands of the palm tree and vine;
Christmas where snow peaks stand solemn and white,
Christmas where cornfields lie sunny and bright;
Everywhere, everywhere, Christmas tonight.

Christmas where children are hopeful and gay,
Christmas where old men are patient and gray,
Christmas where peace, like a dove in its flight,
Broods o’er brave men in the thick of the fight;
Everywhere, everywhere, Christmas tonight.

For the Christ-child who comes is the Master of all,
No place too great and no cottage too small;
The Angels who welcome Him sing from the height,
“In the city of David, a King in His might.”
Everywhere, everywhere, Christmas tonight.

Then let every heart keep its Christmas within
Christ’s pity for sorrow, Christ’s hatred for sin.
Christ’s care for the weakest, Christ’s courage for right,
Christ’s dread of the darkness, Christ’s love of the light.
Everywhere, everywhere, Christmas tonight.

So the stars of the midnight which compass us round
Shall see a strange glory, and hear a sweet sound,
And cry, “Look! the earth is aflame with delight,
O sons of the morning, rejoice at the sight.”
Everywhere, everywhere, Christmas tonight.